Another set of shelves

So after finishing up the last set of shelves I figured I needed another one. This time it was for storing and organizing my DVD collection. I have a rather large collection which at the time was sitting in my front room being organized. I wanted a shelf that would hold the greatest number of discs rather then the ideak shelves I have for books where there is a lot of extra space.

I used popular plywood as it was a fair bit cheaper then the baltic birch ply of the same thickness. I also bought a 2×6 and resawed it in half which worked fine but took a fair mount of cleaning to get into usable condition. As with all my projects I hand cut a lot of it. I used a band saw to resaw the boards and the shelves were ripped out of a sheet of ply on the table saw though both were at work. After that I sharpened up a few chisels, my marking knife and set my marking gauge to get to work.

I wanted the shelf to have wedged tenons as the joint of choice. Cutting that many mortise holes was good practice for a new technique I saw demonstrated by Paul Sellers. The glue up was a bit interesting as I needed to do one side at a time to prevent glue lock out. Once I banged in the wedge it really drew the shelves in tight and held everything secure. I then out back lips on each shelf to stiffen it with the weight and the span (48 inches wide) and then added a cross brace that I lapped to fit the shelves again to add support and prevent torsion. Then everything was scrapped smooth and lightly sanded. As its still winter here I’m waiting till summer to take it outside to finish.

In the mean time I needed somewhere to put my discs. Turns out I under estimated my collection so now I’m building a 2nd shelf half the width. Live a learn.