A set of shelves

I needed a set of shelves to help organize all the stuff that has been accumilating from working in the basement. I’ve now got 2 tool boxes for electrical supplies and one for plumbing. Generally I needed to organize my stuff a bit better so I would send less time walking around the work site grumbling about where that thing had gotten to. On top of that I had been given a number of tool sets by my dad who found them somewhere and I needed somewhere to put these items.

I felt a custom made shelf set would be the best idea since I had some extra material and I hated how bought shelves often result in wasted space where the thing doesn’t fit well on the shelf.

I had 1 1/2 inch stock hanging around and decided to use that. The other wood came from some bed slats I rescued from a neighbor who was throwing it away. Here the 2 sides have already been glued up and the back is going together. This is dowled as I didn’t want to add more screws given the wood.

Here is a close up of the joints:

Finally, I stood the shelves up and then planed down some crate material that I had inherited when I purchased the house to make the shelves. I had to resaw a few pieces to get all of it to all be relatively close to the right thickness and then finished off scraping it once it was fitted into place. The amount of planing seems excessive looking back but really didn’t take very long at all. YOu can see the process of gluing in the pieces of wood that make up the shelves. This happened over a few days as I had to wait for dry times and my limited number of clamps.

Overall happy with the project as it is solid and holds most of my stuff. I will need to make another one as some point but currently very happy with the results.