Refinishing a dining table

So here is my dinning room table. My sister found it at Habitat for Humanity in Guelph for $35.00. It didn’t have the leaf as I suspect it is in someones closet right now. The table was in rough shape and it looked like someone has previously tried to refinish it to poor effect. In the picture above you can see condition of the table after a couple rounds of furniture stripper (I prefer EZ Strip).

I then went though a series of fine sand papers starting at 200 and working up to 400. This isn’t a solid teak table so I really wanted to preserve as much of the wood as possible when cleaning it up for finish.

Here you can see some of the surface defects that were a bit tricky to remove. I hot ironed the surface to remove the the few dents but this mark took a little more care. After that I finished with a couple of coats of Tung and Teak oil finish to get the colour back to a rich teak wood look and to help harden the surface against wear and tear. After that I applied a satin gel coat wipe on poly to seal in the colour and finish. The table now sits happily in my dining room. Next up is a full set of chairs to set it off nicely.